About Us

Carpe Diem Automotive Reconditioning is a full-scale reconditioning company, created to offer a one-stop solution to dealerships.  We are here to offer the most cost-effective repair solution to meet your dealership needs.

Unlike most companies, who outsource different trades, Carpe Diem offers an innovative approach to conducting business. When the trades are outsourced, there is a lack of commitment to quality and accountability.  Absentee ownership is not how business is conducted with Carpe Diem.  The founder of Carpe Diem, along with the operations managers, are accessible to you at all times, working shoulder to shoulder with everyone in the organization.  

Carpe Diem also implements a department head for each service who regularly conducts quality control for every dealership.  The department head specializes in their trade, each having years of experience including management and training.  The department heads of each service offered will be available to accommodate your needs and to help keep quality and efficiency in check.

Thanks to the era of technology, all Carpe Diem employees use a digital billing application!  This will help to prevent any issue with double billing, ensures accuracy for your billing department, always legible and easy to distinguish.  This makes less of an issue for everyone ninvolved when there are never any lost paper invoices.  Also, when required, this application captures authorization signatures right on our iPads, so there is never any question about approval.   

Carpe Diem differs from other companies because it embodies multiple trade accessibility managed under one company, and by several communicating department heads. All departments work simultaneously toward one common goal; to meet the needs of your dealership with an emphasis on quality and customer service.

At your convenience, we offer Paint, PDR, Interior and Wheel services.  Currently, we are in the developmental stages of a full-scale glass department!

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